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In the gym, when you're pushing yourself to the brink of insanity, and the weights are piling so high that you're afraid of the thought of being crushed beneath them. You have to be a little crazy to go to the lengths of pain and intensity to achieve the results and outcome you desire. This is the "Killer Instinct". Like a lion in the wild, he will do whatever it takes to survive and eat, as we will to accomplish our goals. The silhouette of the classic 1960's "Psycho" shower scene graces this tee as we will always pay tribute to the Master Of Horror that is Alfred Hitchcock. Without Norman Bates, there may have never been the on-screen slashers that we love today.

Printed on our extra-soft, fitted, 60/40 Cotton-Polyester Tees.

Artwork by: Joe Reizer

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